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The Total Animal Soup of Time

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The Workshop
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Are you serious about your writing? Do you have the basics of poetry down, but need a forum to work in? Would you enjoy daily writing exercises to strengthen your abililities? Would you like to share your work with people on the same level of writing as you?

Animal Soup is the first LJ poetry workshop that is being dedicated STRICTLY for writers who are serious about their work.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy please submit the following:

New Poet as your subject.

Under an LJ-cut...

A) Two poems in different styles (to show your spectrum of talent).
B) A short description of what writing poetry is to you? What influences you? What type of educational background do you have? Have you been published?

Once the members review your poetry, we will vote a simple Yes or No to make sure that is advanced enough for the level of poetry in this community. We will critique on anything if needed. If you are not accepted you are encouraged to work on your poems and submit an application again.



A topic or excercise will be posted and all members should write something for it within two days of the original post. All members will help other members review their writings. On the third day a new workshop assignment will be posted. This will run loosely, but simular to as if we were in a college workshop.

Workshop assignments are the ONLY poems that do not have to go behind an LJ cut.
If you are posting for membership, please post "New Poet" as the subject, and if you are just posting a poem you want people to critique please state so in the subject and put it in a cut as well.

This community is supposed to be a workshop, and therefore if you want to be critiqued on your work you MUST critique others as well. Don't be afraid to hurt the feelings of others, this is how you become a stronger writer. So here is the rule...
EVERYONE must comment at least 3 times a week on someone else's work, or voting for new people. I WILL keep track, I don't care how time consuming it is. I want to create the best interactive workshop possible, and I need your help.
I want to see at least ONE comment on every poem and I don't always want it to be mine.

With everyone's help, we can truly be "A Part of the Poetry Elite."


----Happy Writings----

K Baldwin