Vida (sodamnangsty) wrote in animal_soup,

#3...late i know but i still did it

second verse same as the first
my invisible wonderful little boy
why do i always seem to fall?
on my knees scraped by silhouettes of girls much more fair than i
scalped and hung on your wall
but shameful so hid in the basement
do i repulse you lying here naked like a bleeding dove
am i truly this contorted grotesque from the underbelly of adolescence
so can i even bee a girl?
is it possible i lack gender?
blubbering blob filled with unrequited love and my tiny heart beating too fast
wrapped in yarn from dismantled sweaters squealing like a trapped pig
never been kissed
and yet made up for that with taint of a different sort
what is it i lack or have?
you're so small why
Can't i fit in someones shirt pocket like some high-school fantasy girl
stoned and glittering and discreet
i step and speak so loud
strung out with wire.
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