trailerlab (trailerlab) wrote in animal_soup,

New Poet, New poem

I call you god rightly
as you grip the key to my life or death tightly
with youre comfortable finger
cuddling a curved trigger
my lips perfectly fit around the barrel
the barrel fits perfectly around my tounge
a perfect puzzle
a dog suffocating in a muzzle
as i choke on youre gun
you realise being god is so fun
and your eyes glare
with a maniacal stare
then my bloodshot eyes seem to exit my head manifesting a scare
as your demon i mumble you a final prayer:

They drip from the walls dripping through even a crack
Exposed by light in the solitary color of black
dark and alone you feel them everywhere

shadows shadows holding you down in your chair
shadows shadows lurking through the musty air
people peacefully sleep as you lay wide awake in..stead
shadows shadows standing next to your bed
shadows shadows marching through your head
the merciless silence you dread
a once smiling face a hideous undead
Your memorys are flowers that helplessly wither
Every night you helplessly shiver
you sweat you hate you quiver
The terrible things you do with your days
your demon repays and pays and pays
when you pull that trigger your mind dements
Hammers the last nail into the fence
Paint it with the blood you've spilt
Paint it gasping for air vomiting your guilt
unaware that around you it will fall
a seizure in a box so caustrophobically small
so splatter me begging into the most demonic shadow on youre wall
In your worthless name, Amen.
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that was good. props.

"my lips perfectly fit around the barrel
the barrel fits perfectly around my tounge
a perfect puzzle"

my faVE lines
good form but a little cliché...
"solitary color of black" stands out as one of those angsty things every teenage goth would say in a poem.
Ummm... I was just wondering- aren't you already a member? or am I experiencing some form of deja vu.
i guess i am? the other one i only got 1 yes, and the rules say i needed 2 yes. lol so i guess it doesnt matter
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