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New poet

i'm horrid and switched the first poem with one i liked better...i live on the edge.....


i think i am good or was good once perhaps
worn and spread far too thin
too many times spend in my malfunctioning washing machine
this punctured holes
deflating my bloated ego
i entertained the delusions of grandeur
a fabulous rock star in my own right
synthesized success
what part of this prepares me for the real world?
do i need a prerequisite of greatness to write?
can i craft beautifully made volumes of pretentiousness?
but i do give in to peers
and their common disinterest in passion and creation
exceptional apathy and disaffection
"just a plain girl" i answer
being spectacular is so passe
and i just wanna fit in and underachieve
'cause i really want you to like me

conform for adolescence and kill your self for kurt cobain (flush life down the drain)

pearly teeth
bruises underneath your dress
just an innocent caress can paint patches of maroon
i speak to soon 'cause i realize this was patronizing
after analyzing facts and figures
graphs and pictures that can't manipulate me
they almost kinda liberate me in a way but it still hurts
it's still strange to watch you flirt as they pursue this ruse
i am not amused


i have written longer poems than both of these. but they are two that i have written recently that i am sort of proud of.

i write poetry as a means of expression for what is going on for me or those that surround me at a particular moment in time.
things that influence me:people, friends, strangers, acquaintances enemies, TS Elliot, crayons, glittler, nostalgia, traumma, coffee, conversations, film, illness, umbrellas, stickers, childhood, sugar, green tea, making paper snowflakes, rain, music

i have been writing poems since i was eight years old and going to alternative elementary school. i am serious about poetry and writing in general. but mostly story telling aspects. the idea of writing:films, novels, short stories, movies and poetry all excite me equally.
i have never been published but hope to be someday.
i still haven't graduated from high school i am 15 years old which may explain the occasional juvenile quality to some of my work.
but that does not mean that i am not interested.

tell me what you think.

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